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Meet Debbie!

A Brazilian who now feels like she belongs as a US citizen after 20 years

Meet Rym!

An economics professor expressing her creativity through English

Meet Tahira!

An expat living in Dubai who can now participate fully in the community she lives in

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While you practise and improve your English skills, you’ll also create incredible friendships with women all over the world!  You’ll be surprised how quickly you progress when you immerse yourself in English, surrounded by English-speaking friends who motivate and encourage you, every step of the way. Learn about the friendships these ladies have made inside Hey Lady!
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“Being part of the Hey Lady! Community is life-changing for me. Now, I can easily practise my English skills as well as making friends with other ladies around the world.”

— Cha, Dublin

“Being part of the Hey Lady! Community is life-changing for me. Now, I can easily practise my English skills as well as making friends with other ladies around the world.”

— Cha, Dublin
Myriam, FranceMyriam, France

I don’t know how it happened, but the more I connect with people here - the more I communicate - I just have the feeling that my English is getting better and better!

— Myriam, France
Farra, MalaysiaFarra, Malaysia

Hey Lady! really boosted my confidence. I can easily express my ideas in meetings and engage with stakeholders to share my opinion. I saw a significant improvement in myself.

— Farra, Malaysia
Carolina, ItalyCarolina, Italy

Not a single word! Until I joined Hey Lady! I'm proud to say that I recently delivered a training session to native English speakers at work - and I felt confident!

— Carolina, Italy
Glennica, UAEGlennica, UAE

It has been a game-changing experience. It sped up my English learning journey and helped me achieve the scores I needed in my IELTS exam!

— Glennica, UAE
Nurit, IsraelNurit, Israel

For most of my life, I felt ashamed of my English. I felt stuck and didn't know how to improve. Now, English isn't my biggest challenge, it’s my biggest passon!

— Nurit, Israel
Elenir, BrazilElenir, Brazil

I’m absolutely convinced about this extraordinary community. where along with the possibility of improving my English, I could find a second family spread out overseas.

— Elenir, Brazil
Virginija, LithuaniaVirginija, Lithuania

A year ago, I did not speak English at all. I could read and write but even simple conversations made me nervous. That changed completely.

— Virginija, Lithuania
Alla, Saudi ArabiaAlla, Saudi Arabia

It’s different from normal lessons and teachers - I don’t want a normal learning program, I need to actually talk and practise with people!

— Alla, Saudi Arabia
Christine, ItalyChristine, Italy

This time last year, I couldn’t speak English easily. Now, I’ve joined 500 conversations and hosted 100 of my OWN conversations

— Christine, Italy
Richa, LondonRicha, London

The best part is it's not time-bound. Hey Lady! it gives so much freedom to people according to their interests. It's like endless, endless learning!

— Richa, London
Arlete, BrazilArlete, Brazil

We learn a lot about cultures and how to respect each other’s opinions. We aren’t worried about our English mistakes, because nobody is judging anybody here!

— Arlete, Brazil
Chie, SydneyChie, Sydney

A year ago my English was totally incoherent. Now I can talk to native speakers without fear and connect with people in Australia

— Chie, Sydney
Francesca, ItalyFrancesca, Italy

With the Hey Lady! method, I speak English without problems, and without translating it in my mind!

— Francesca, Italy
Valéria, BrazilValéria, Brazil

My fluency has increased enormously and I am able to do things that I was not able to do before, such as giving presentations at work and attending meetings speaking in English.”

— Valéria, Brazil
Grace, KoreaGrace, Korea

Now I have several speaking partners at Hey Lady! I’ve developed real friendships all over the world. This community and these ladies are so precious to me. I really do love them”

— Grace, Korea
Pinar, TurkeyPinar, Turkey

One year ago, I couldn’t even imagine speaking with someone that I didn’t know in a video call. Now I’m here, speaking & hosting events with women from all around the world!”

— Pinar, Turkey
Renata, BrazilRenata, Brazil

In the beginning, I was nervous to talk. But my Hey Lady! friends helped me to lose my fears about speaking in front of others and to improve my speaking and understanding.”

— Renata, Brazil
Nnuku, South AfricaNnuku, South Africa

Hey Lady! gives me the opportunity to host events and practise my spoken English with no limitations. I don't shy away from my mistakes like I used to before joining”

— Nnuku, South Africa
Amalia, MexicoAmalia, Mexico

If you told me four months ago that I would be having full conversations in English, I would not have believed you - seriously!”

— Amalia, Mexico
Ranjana, IndiaRanjana, India

I never imagined that I would ever be able to speak confidently in front of people.”

— Ranjana, India
Harika, TurkeyHarika, Turkey

My fluency and vocabulary have hugely improved since I joined this community. It has taught me to enjoy my English journey and not to feel alone!”

— Harika, Turkey
Fransiska, AustraliaFransiska, Australia

Being part of the Hey Lady! Community is life-changing for me. Now, I can easily practise my English skills as well as making friends with other ladies around the world.”

— Fransiska, Australia
Iwona, PolandIwona, Poland

Now I have friends all over the world and I know that when I travel to a new place, I’ll have a local friend to meet!”

— Iwona, Poland
Cha, DublinCha, Dublin

Hey Lady! is where I can put my English knowledge into practice. It’s easy to express your thoughts and ideas here, because the topics are all very engaging.”

— Cha, Dublin
Corinna, GermanyCorinna, Germany

I really love the positive, supportive atmosphere that we can feel everywhere around here. This community has really become my second family.”

— Corinna, Germany
Liudmila, RussiaLiudmila, Russia

We have the best team of coaches ever!I can’t imagine my English journey without such professional, kind, genuine, supportive teachers.”

— Liudmila, Russia

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