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Daily events in every time zone

Events are at the heart of everything we do! Come along and get to know other members, learn from our coaches and be inspired to take your conversations to new heights! You can join as many as your schedule alllows.
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Get introduced!

New Member Meet-up

This is the first event you will attend. You will be personally welcomed by our Community Success team who will provide helpful tips on how to use our platform and introduce you to other members of the community! All new members must attend this event so we can verify their identity by video before they are allowed to access the rest of the platform.

Be prepared!

Conversation Starters

Teacher-hosted events created especially for new ladies joining our community. Your teacher will welcome everyone, introduce the topic and any important vocabulary and then help to get everyone talking so the conversation can unfold naturally!Video lessons, vocabulary lists and workbooks are provided so you can study and prepare in advance if you want to.

Detailed focus!

Grammar Spot

These are live lessons hosted by one of our teachers with a focus on grammar. And in particular, the grammar that’s relevant to the conversation topic that our community is exploring at the time. You won’t need your camera or microphone for this one, just come along to watch, learn and listen and ask questions if you need to!

Ask questions!

Office Hours

If you have a specific question about our conversation topic or feel unsure about any of the lessons our teachers have provided, you’re welcome to come along to any of our Office Hours events. You can think of these like an open door to your teacher’s office. She will be online and available for one hour to answer any questions you may have.

Meet members!

Speed Dating

These events are hosted by our Community Success team and are lots of fun. For 30 minutes we will divide everyone into small groups and give you a series of icebreaker questions so you can quickly get to know each other. Virtually everyone who attends these events finds someone to become one of their speaking partners.

Real conversations

Conversations Over Coffee

Conversations Over Coffee are a wonderful example of how our team is always finding new ways to inspire our members to keep going on their English journey. What makes these events so interesting is that the conversation is happening between our teachers and community members. We invite 1-2 ladies from our community to join 1-2 of our teachers for a conversation. We choose a topic that is really intriguing, interesting or even controversial! At these events, there’s no pressure to talk, just grab a cup of coffee and enjoy watching and learning from the women in our community.

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