How I Improved My English To Get My Dream Job

February 7, 2024
By Farra (Hey Lady! Member)

This article was written by Farra, a Hey Lady! member from Malaysia. Farra has two beautiful children and has recently started a new role as an auditor for an international company. Read her story to find out how Farra went from “feeling afraid to speak English” to acing an English interview and landing her dream job - in just 12 months!

One year ago I joined the Hey Lady! English Community. I could never have imagined how much progress I would make with my English; or how much it would change my life. 

This platform really has been a game-changer for me.

Every year, I set New Year’s Resolutions, making sure the resolutions are reasonable and not radical. I believe that small progress can truly make a significant difference in my life, and want to make sure that my actions speak louder than my words. So, once I set a resolution, I wholeheartedly pursue it. Without even realising, I usually achieve more than what I initially set out to do.

For example, last year (in January 2023), I set resolutions to:

  • take care of my health
  • improve my skincare routine
  • dress elegantly
  • perform good deeds
  • boost my confidence level, and
  • improve my English skills.

My resolutions were simple, and I am proud to say that I managed to make them happen!

Speaking of my English journey, I always remember what Emma (Hey Lady! Founder) said: “If you show up regularly and consistently, you CAN make it happen!”

I’m a mother of two children. It’s relatively tough for me to practise English or attend Hey Lady! events when I’m at home.

However, I knew that with the right strategy and consistent efforts, I could make it happen!

I started looking for a way to allocate my time to attend more events at Hey Lady! So, I started going to the office one hour earlier before starting work, to attend events on the platform.

There were a lot of events hosted by the Hey Lady! coaches, but they didn’t always match my availability. So, instead of relying solely on the Coaches, I decided to take control of my own English journey! 

I approached other Hey Lady! members who were interested in becoming my speaking partners. Initially, I met once a week with one study group, but over time I realised that this wasn’t enough for me. 

I approached more ladies to become my study partners so that I could speak every day with different ladies. Now, I have four study groups inside Hey Lady!, which I attend four times per week. Additionally, I attend the “Office Hours” events (hosted by Coaches) during work hours whenever possible.

I was really doing it! I was making it happen!

Despite my busy schedule, I tried my best to spend time every day practising English. My speaking partners would often see me in the meeting room at work, or in the car! What a struggle it was to find a peaceful place to talk (if you’re a mother, I’m sure you can relate!).

Joining Hey Lady! events regularly has really boosted my confidence, especially at work. I began to realise that I could easily express any idea I had during meetings, and that I was able to engage with stakeholders to share my opinion. I could see a significant improvement in myself. 

If I had found this platform earlier, I could have improved my English sooner.

Next thing I knew, an opportunity came out of the blue when I least expected it! I was invited to attend an interview with an international company I have been dreaming about joining for a long time. 

Suddenly, it seemed like all my efforts at Hey Lady! over the last few months were actually to prepare me for this opportunity!

Although ‘finding a job’ was not one of my resolutions last year, when the opportunity presented itself, I took the plunge and did my best.

The job was with a reputable international company which I have been dreaming about joining for a long time. I was inspired by its culture, people and the benefits. 

One of the main criteria for the role is being able to converse fluently in English, as it’s an international company where I need to navigate with several stakeholders from various regions globally.

During the interview, I demonstrated to them that I was the right candidate for the role.

Within three days, the HR Manager informed me that they were interested in hiring me. I was so surprised! 

I negotiated the salary with the HR Manager, and two days later, I received the letter of offer, and the company offered me more than I requested.

I used to dream about working for this company. I could never have imagined actually being part of the team! 

I officially started my new role in January 2024, and I couldn’t be happier. 

I'm so grateful to have such incredible ladies on this platform. Hey Lady! goes beyond just practising English. I feel a sense of inclusivity and belonging here. Emma and team, your efforts and ideas truly contribute to society and empower women to become successful. I genuinely appreciate the effort you have put in.

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