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The journey to English fluency

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Journey to English fluency and confidence


– Spain

Meet English-speaking friends

While you practise and improve your English skills, you’ll also create incredible friendships with women all over the world!  You’ll be surprised how quickly you progress when you immerse yourself in English, surrounded by English-speaking friends who motivate and encourage you, every step of the way. 

Learn about the friendships these ladies have made inside Hey Lady!

Member stories

Our members have experienced so many achievements and precious moments on their journey to English fluency. Read about them below!

3 women from inside our online community share about the important role learning English has played in their parenting journeys.

A Global Cookbook Inspired by the Hey Lady! Community

Find out about the global cookbook project that was inspired and created by the Hey Lady! Community!

The Life-Changing Power of Having a Hobby

2 women from inside our English speaking community share about the positive impact a hobby has had on their happiness, confidence and overall health and wellbeing.

How Busy Women Improve their English in Hey Lady!

4 Hey Lady! members show that it’s possible to improve your English even if you don’t have much time.

“English is a vehicle that allows people to get to know each other and learn about different cultures.”

– Dani

“This community has helped me overcome my fear of speaking.”

– Denisse

“I feel more confident expressing myself in English at work.”

– Vero
Curios what you can get?
Meet our incredible ladies
Curios what you can get?
Meet our incredible ladies