Is it Possible to Meet English-Speaking Friends Online?

August 12, 2021
By Jaimie-Lee Elvery
The internet has enabled us to do many things, but one of the most amazing gifts it has given us is the opportunity to meet like-minded people… People we wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to meet. This is very much true for the ladies inside our online English community! 

When talking about the friendships formed in our community, Iwona (one of our members), recently said:

“Now I have friends all over the world and I know that when I travel to a new place, I’ll have a local friend to meet!” 

Who would have thought it would be possible to have friends in every corner of the world? What a beautiful and unique opportunity!


We are very excited to see that some of our members have met in person recently, now that travel restrictions are easing in some parts of the world. 

In the stories below, ladies from our community share their experiences making English-speaking friends online, and what it was like to finally meet in person. Hopefully, after reading these stories, you’ll know (with confidence!) that it really is possible to meet genuine, English-speaking friends online!

Member meetup in Turkey:

After speaking regularly over video calls inside our community, Pinar and Melike (pictured below) met in person in Pinar’s hometown in Turkey! 


When Melike joined our community, Pinar was amazed to discover that they shared many similar interests. In fact, Pinar found out that Melike attended the same University as she did. As the two women started chatting, they discovered many more similarities - most importantly, that they are both cat lovers! “I’m so thrilled to have a friend like Melike,” Pinar said. 


Having recently moved to a new city, Melike was so excited to discover that she now lives in Pinar’s hometown! So, when Pinar returned to her hometown to visit her family, the two women arranged to meet in person. It’s definitely true that a picture paints a thousand words - just look at Pinar and Melike’s smiles!

English-speaking friends, Pinar and Melike, meet in Turkey

Member meetup in Barcelona:

Two of our members, Daniela and Eva, had the special opportunity to meet one another in person recently in Barcelona. Eva lives in Barcelona, and Daniela lives in England but she visits Barcelona every now and then because she loves the city so much. 


After their meetup Eva said, “Daniela and I spent about three hours together and it was awesome to meet each other in person. I hope more ladies can have this experience and I am looking forward to the next meetup!”

English-speaking friends, Daniela and Eva, meet in Barcelona

For many of our members, it is a dream come true to meet the friends they have made inside our community in person. 


“Someday I hope to post tons of photos of the wonderful ladies from all over the world that I have had the pleasure of meeting inside this community,” said Daniela.

Member meetup in Madrid

Just like Iwona said in the quote at the beginning...Thanks to this diverse online community, we know there are friends we can meet up with, no matter what country we travel to around the world! And this is exactly what Maria did in June this year!


Maria was travelling to Madrid to see her daughter, so she created an event inside our community, inviting all the members who lived in (or were visiting) Spain to meet in person. 

Maria spent a beautiful afternoon in Madrid with Merche and Sara (pictured below), and Merche perfectly described the experience as “enriching”.

“We had a wonderful day. We talked a lot - like old friends - and to be honest, we didn't take a lot of pictures, because we had too much to talk about! Many thanks to Sara and Merche: you're such special and incredible ladies! Many thanks for your time and your talks,” Maria said. 

English-speaking friends, Sara, Maria and Merche, meet in Madrid

We can’t wait to see more photos like these as travel restrictions continue to ease around the world.

Well, there you have it! Proof that it really is possible to meet genuine, English-speaking friends online. In fact, the friendships that form inside our community are so incredible that when we finally get the chance to meet in person, it’s hard to describe the amount of joy we feel. One of our members describes it as “the best, most inexpressible (and thrilling) feeling”!

Hey Lady! Founder, Emma says, “I love these in-person meetups so much. When our online friendships suddenly pop up right in front of us - it's a surreal moment, but somehow it’s so reassuring how true our friendships are and how meaningful the connections we create online really are!” 


Hey Lady! is a wonderful space to meet English-speaking friends and connect with women who share similar interests as you, through real English conversations. A place where you can build friendships all over the world, online


As our incredible English Coach, Dani, says in her blog 4 Practical Ways to Create Meaningful Connections Online: “Even though we may be miles apart, there is really no distance between us.” 

Do you have friends that you have met online? Can you imagine what it would be like to meet in person once travel restrictions ease in your country? 

Who are you most excited to meet?

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