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Hey Lady! It's lovely to see you here!

I'm thrilled to give you 'a little taste' of Hey Lady! with a 10-day Conversation Training Package!
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So what's in the package?

Everything you need to inspire great conversation!

Inside you'll find a 'Conversation Pack' of lessons and ideas that you can use in conversation. We'll introduce you to an interesting topic, new vocabulary and practical expressions to prepare you for a conversation in English that's meaningful conversations for you and the people you're meeting for the first time.

Mindset training to break through self doubt

Becoming fluent in English might feel like an impossible task, but it doesn't need to! Your package includes bonus training to create a "Fluency Mindset" with powerful steps you can take immediately to transform the way you feel about English and start developing the mindset you need for fluency and confidence.

The chance to meet and practise with others

Without people to practise with in real conversations, lessons and training are just words and ideas! Your package includes the chance to meet other women around the world and practise what you've learned in real conversations, with guidance and feedback from a Hey Lady! Coach.

Who is it for and how will my English improve?

This package is for ladies who want to sharpen their conversation skills and feel more confident about speaking English. To participate you will need to be a woman, over 18 with Intermediate to Advanced level (B1-C2) English.

With the lessons in this package you will be ready with a positive mindset, ideas, questions and new vocabulary to ensure your conversation is a success.

You’ll be surprised at how incredible it feels to be exchanging opinions and ideas with others that you have just met, in English!

Prepare to have a fabulous conversation!

Pack your bags, we’re going to talk about ‘Your Travels’

We explore so many interesting topics in Hey Lady!: Art, Science, Food, Relationships, Health and Wellness, and plenty more. One of the most popular topics we love to discuss is (unsurprisingly) travel!

In this Conversation Pack you'll learn to go beyond small talk and express your deeper opinions and perspectives about travel, different styles of travel and describe the type of traveller you are compared to others.

We learn so much from each other in every conversation!

Join group conversations guided by a Hey Lady! Coach

As soon as you complete the lessons you’ll unlock unlimited access to LIVE conversation events  guided by a Hey Lady! Coach!

Your access expires after 10 days. We recommend you complete the lessons early so you can book more conversations before your access expires.

In Hey Lady! we call these events ‘Conversation Starters’ where you will:

Meet and practise with other English-speaking women
Use what you’ve learned in the lessons in real conversations
Get group feedback and guidance from a Hey Lady! Coach

So, are you coming?

This is a genuine, “no strings attached” invitation to experience English in a new and enjoyable way. So if you’re curious about Hey Lady! and what makes us different, we’d love to show you!

Simply work your way through the lessons. As soon as you’re finished, you’ll unlock access to our calendar to choose the 'Conversation Starters' that suit your schedule. You can book as many as you like before your access expires. Complete the lessons quickly and you will have more opportunities to practise!

Click the button below to leave your details and we’ll email you the link to take the next steps.

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