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Annually save 36%

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A supportive place to practise, judgement-free

Meet & connect with real people

Joining Hey Lady! connects you to a global network of like-minded women who understand your challenges and won't judge you for making mistakes. You will gain real experience talking to people from different countries and learn to hear and understand different accents.

Practise talking in real conversations

Forget about roleplays and AI speaking apps that you don't enjoy! The fastest way to build fluency is to practise speaking in authentic conversations about the things you're passionate about. We provide topics, lessons and daily opportunities to practise speaking in real conversations.

Be ready to speak in real situations

Follow our unique fluency framework and you'll be able to think in English, be yourself in English and speak more fluently than you ever imagined. When the time comes for you to speak English with someone you are meeting for the first time, you will feel relaxed, confident and ready for anything!

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What happens inside the platform?

Join Emma on a tour to see the events, classes and practice opportunities happening inside our online platform.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will break through self doubt

Words from our members

More than just a platform to improve your English”

Over 8000 women have joined Hey Lady! and we can say with confidence, that something magic happens when women from different cultures can communicate in a common language, it’s like unlocking a window to the world!
Watch and listen!

I am improving every day!

With the Hey Lady! method, I speak English without problems, and without translating it in my mind!
— Francesca, Italy

Totally changed my life!

A year ago my English was totally incoherent. Now I can talk to native speakers without fear and connect with people in Australia
— Chie, Sydney

No judging here!

We learn a lot about cultures and how to respect each other’s opinions. We aren’t worried about our English mistakes, because nobody is judging anybody here!
— Arlete, Brazil

Not time-bound

The best part is it's not time-bound. Hey Lady! it gives so much freedom to people according to their interests. It's like endless, endless learning!
— Richa, London

I'm so proud of myself!

This time last year, I couldn’t speak English easily. Now, I’ve joined 500 conversations and hosted 100 of my OWN conversations
— Christine, Italy

Actually talk with people!

It’s different from normal lessons and teachers - I don’t want a normal learning program, I need to actually talk and practise with people!
— Alla, Saudi Arabia

Frequently asked questions

How many hours per week does it take to get results?

The number of hours really depends on your goals and how quickly you want to reach them. Our research shows that members who commit to 3-4 hours per week can achieve excellent results in just 3 months of regular English speaking practice!

How will I get feedback about my English? What if I make mistakes?

Making mistakes is natural and not something you should be ashamed of. Some conversations in Hey Lady! focus on fluency - being able to communicate what you want to say and being understood even if you weren't accurate. Other conversations focus on accuracy - correct pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. You will receive feedback differently in each case, either from more experienced members of our community or a Hey Lady! Coach.

I don't have a credit card and PayPal is not available in my country. What can I do?

The Monthly Plan is not available without a credit card or PayPal account. However, if you’d like to sign up for a Quarterly or Yearly Plan, we can arrange payment by bank transfer. Please contact us via the contact form at the end of the page or email and our team will be glad to assist you.

What is the age range of Hey Lady! members?

We have members from all age groups, the minimum required age is 18 and there is no upper limit - it’s never too late to improve your English!

When are the classes?

You will find live events scheduled in virtually every time zone so you can be sure to find something happening whenever you’re available! At Hey Lady!, we don’t have a fixed schedule of ‘classes’. Instead we offer both recorded and live ‘events’ to help you study and learn at your own pace, and then put what you learn into practice in real conversations. 

You have what it takes

I started Hey Lady! because I believe that when women come together with shared goals and intentions, amazing things unfold—careers pivot, friendships form, and magic happens.

We need to hear diverse female voices around the world; Hey Lady! is the place to nurture and develop your English voice and your confidence to speak.

I believe you have everything it takes to achieve your dreams (even if you don't believe it yet yourself). So, I warmly invite you to join our community, even just for a few months, so that you can discover how much you are truly capable of.

Emma xx