Foundations Program

Your membership with Hey Lady! begins with the Foundations Program.

Improving your English is easy with our immersive experience. Through teacher-led lessons and events, we’ll empower you with the tools, guidance and opportunities you need to take your English journey into your own hands and thrive!

Get introduced!

Daily events to meet and get to know each other

Meeting great people to practise speaking English with regularly isn't exactly easy. That’s why we help with the introductions!

From the moment you step into our community we'll be there to help you connect with other members. Your Foundations Package includes invitations to join a variety of different events where you can meet each other. Some events are structured for learning, others are just designed to let everyone hang out and have fun!

All events are hosted by one of our English teachers, Community Success team or one of our Big Sisters (our more experienced members, they're awesome!). They help everyone feel welcome and make the introductions so you can relax and get talking!

Keep learning!

Enjoy guided conversations with English teachers

Organised and hosted by one of our expert (and lovely!) English teachers; a Guided Conversation means that a teacher will be on hand to coach you as you practise. She’ll introduce the topic, share some useful speaking tips and advice and introduce you to the other ladies you will speak with!

Through the Foundations Package, you’ll have access to many Guided Conversations throughout the week. Each one explores a different discussion topic, supported by learning materials you can study in advance if you want to.

Whether you are an intermediate or advanced level speaker, we’ll help you to speak, make progress and most importantly, enjoy yourself as you practise!

Be prepared!

Access to workbooks and structured lessons

Whether you just want to have a casual conversation with friends or you want to explore a topic more deeply, we have the materials you need to set yourself up for success!

Your Foundations Package includes structured learning materials that support our topics and prepare you for great conversations. Feeling prepared before you join a conversation is a big boost for your confidence when it’s time to start talking!

Make sure you  check out the free ‘conversation packs' available on the Hey Lady! preview site. You’ll see they include videos, short quizzes, word lists and workbooks. There are 6 conversation packs included in the Foundations Package. Our teachers also present live lessons weekly so you can come along and ask your questions!

Immerse yourself!

Join as many events as you like

Everyone knows that the most direct path to fluency is to immerse or surround yourself with opportunities to practise speaking.

Yet even if you live right in the middle of an English speaking country, this can be surprisingly difficult. The alternatives are private tutors, language schools and language exchanges.
The problem? You don’t get much time to actually talk!

‍Your Foundations Package includes unlimited access to our events and conversations so you can (literally) talk for hours if you want to! Our members love how easy it is to schedule their practise time by simply choosing the events they want to attend every week. With just the click of a button, you’ll be able to do the same!

Continue improving! 

Choose to continue your journey with a monthly option

The Foundations Program runs for 3 months, by which time you’ll find yourself surrounded by English-speaking friends and a new sense of confidence about having conversations in English! If you feel ready, you can continue your journey with a monthly membership for just $29/month and unlock extra training workshops and more exciting features on our platform.!

Alternatively, if you’re enjoying the additional coaching from our teachers, you can choose to continue on the Foundations Program for as long as you like!

Hey Lady! Membership Fees

We make it easy and affordable to improve your English and work towards fluency.

Join the Community

Your journey begins with a 3-month Foundations Package. Click here for full details.

Foundations Package
Set yourself up for success!

Get introduced to speaking partners

Guided conversations with our coaches

Unlimited speaking practice

Access to structured lessons & workbooks

USD/3 months
What’s next?

Bring English into your life

Ongoing Monthly Membership

Unlock more platform features

Create & host your own group events

Join monthly language workshops

Advanced conversation training

USD/ month

Equivalent 6.69 USD / week

Join the Community

Your journey begins with the Foundations Program. Click here for full details

Foundations Program
A life-changing English experience!

Coaching from expert English teachers

Access to structured learning materials,
workbooks and conversation training

Get introduced to speaking partners

Daily events to learn and practise together!


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3 Month Package
Set yourself up for success!

Immerse yourself in our English-speaking community for three months and get results you can actually feel!

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